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High Speed Auto Checkweigher Machine CYD-W500

  • Port:Xiamen, China
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1pcs
  • Payment Terms:T/T
  • Original Region : China

High Speed Auto Checkweigher Machine CYD-W500   

CYD-W500 high speed auto checkweigher adopts advanced technology, high-speed MCU control. It is used to check if the finished products are qualified with preset weight, the unqualified products will be auto selected by the selecting device. 

Main Features:

1. Automatic zero-tracking

2. Wide application through flexible adjustment

3. Variable-frequency motor helps the speed control continuously with wide range

4. Weight measurement reach a high resolution of 16 Bit, with accuracy within 0.05% .

5. Fast measuring time can be chosen between 20ms(50Hz) or 33ms(60Hz)

6. Powerful record and analysis .Up to 99 different programs .UP to 1500 records which can be check by different terms.

7. Intelligent data duel back-up in case of sudden power cuts.

Structure of product

This machine is mainly composed of microcomputer system, display system, conveyor system, weighing system and eliminating system structure


Microcomputer system 

By single chip microcomputer circuit for real time detection and monitoring, can measure accurately and rapidly, realize the separation of substandard products. Microcomputer system can store multiple parameters; users can according to their own products to invoke the stored parameters, which brought great convenience to them. Can be achieved the different range of detection through modify the parameter. Meanwhile the microcontroller can also store the record of unqualified products.


Display system

Provide the high definition touch screen as the simple interface to the user.


Conveying system

The conveying system was composed of brushless motor and conveyor belt. Brushless motor driver module provides the motor with high torque, high precision, wide speed range of the drive, has realized the uniform motion of the item, the weighing unit can check the item weight more accurately.


Weighing system

The weighing system was composed by the main weighing unit and vibration weighing units. Put in the vibration weighing unit to prevent the vibration caused by the outside world for high-speed check weigher. Weighing and vibration unit adopts the high precision, high speed high sensitive weighing sensor, the goods will force the information counter rotating into electrical signals by weighing module through the sensor, after communicate with the single chip microcomputer then displayed on the touch screen.


Eliminate system

The main powered by air, detect to weed out the unqualified products by single chip microcomputer.




Weighing Range


Weighing Accuracy


Max. Speed/Min


Conveyor Dimension


Product Length


Product Width


Product Height


Min. Scale


Power Supply

AC220V/110V ±10%50Hz(60Hz)

Protection Grade

IP 54

Control System

High Speed A/D control

Preset Programs


Packaging Dimension


Gross Weight


Eliminate optional device

T-push device/Slide down device

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